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Canada's premier solution for the restoration of scratched glass.
Glass Restoration and Scratch Repair
quote When GlassFix approached us with their service we were hesitant as we've had poor experiences with glass restoration companies in the past. However, we couldn't be happier about the decision we made to give them an opportunity to show us...  quote

Julie Honey - Menkes Development - One Sherway
Toronto and Vancouver Glass Scratch Repair and Removal
GlassFix Canada is the country’s premiere solution provider for the restoration of scratched or damaged glass in commercial and residential towers. With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, GlassFix Canada has teams of technicians that travel the country to restore the clarity in glass that has been lost due to Scratches, Hard Water Stains, and even Acid Etch Graffiti. Whether it’s an isolated scratch, an entire resurface, or a condominium with glass damage throughout, no job is too big for our team of experienced professionals. Until now, alternatives to replacing damaged glass were limited, but with GlassFix Canada’s proprietary solution, the decision is as clear as the glass we restore.
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One Sherway – Toronto, Ontario

Glass Scratch Removal
Hirise Glass Scratch RemovalGlass scratch damage can be categorized into 3 different types of damages: Light Surface Scratch, Surface Damage, and Deep Scratch. There are other services available that can restore what is considered light surface damage, but only GlassFix Canada’s proprietary techniques can restore all 3 categories of damage back to original clarity, without any discernable distortion. The equipment, materials, and techniques we’ve developed, have given GlassFix Canada the ability to provide the clarity and consistency you’re looking for.

Glass Resurfacing
Glass Distortion ResurfacingIn a perfect glass restoration world, damage would be isolated. However, that is rarely the case. GlassFix Canada developed this technique to address the true realities of damaged glass. Our unique approach ensures that scratches aren’t missed, regardless of the category. We take the time to do it right and avoid operating under the mentality that “they won’t care about that one”. We resurface the entire pane using specific movements and patterns that will avoid distortion that is almost guaranteed with other scratch removal companies.

Acid Etch Graffiti Removal
Glass Graffiti RemovalMany major cities are struggling to keep up with new destructive tactics used by graffiti vandals to ensure their messages are not easily removed. Acid Etching uses acid to penetrate the glass which leaves the graffiti both on the surface but also buried within the glass. Bus shelters are no longer serving their traditional purpose and are now just glass canvases for vandals to exploit. GlassFix Canada has put together mobile teams to tackle this growing concern. Whether it’s a store front window, transit shelter, or public transportation, we can fix it.