• Company Overview

    Canada's premier solution for the restoration of scratched glass.

    Vancouver | Toronto

    GlassFix Canada is a glass restoration company that offers the unique ability to restore damaged glass, rather than replace it. Our proprietary service provides customers with a new alternative to replacing damaged glass by restoring it back to its original condition, resulting in incredible clarity and significant savings.


    The methods we’ve developed have been proven to provide results that are far superior to what the industry has become accustomed to. This unprecedented technique gives us the ability to eliminate scratches with no discernible distortion, while at the same time, maintaining the clarity of the glass as if it were new. Not only does this service significantly save on the costs involved in replacing damaged glass, but the service is offered on site, eliminating both lead times as well as the potential of further damage that could occur with the installation of new product.


    GlassFix Canada is a customer-service driven organization. We understand that the service we provide often takes place in the privacy of people’s homes or in the presence of your guests and customers, which is why professionalism and cleanliness are so important to us. Our care and attention to detail is not just applied to the work we do on the glass, but it’s also applied to the environment we work in and the people we work for. As an owner-operated business, GlassFix Canada can assure that these principals are not just cliché, but rather the principals that this business is built on.


    So if you have scratches in your glass, now you know, erase it don’t replace it.