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Canada's premier solution for the restoration of scratched glass.


Q: What does your service cost?

It is difficult to suggest a dollar figure associated with a job without first assessing the damage and size of the pane. That being said, generally the cost ends up being 50% – 75% cheaper than replacement cost.


Q: How long does your process take?

It is difficult to suggest duration for any specific job without first assessing the damage to the pane. However, to give you a general idea, sliding doors can be restored in 1.5 – 3 hours assuming all 4 panes need restoration.


Q: Are you equipped to service high rise towers or condominiums?

Yes, GlassFix Canada specializes in servicing both commercial and residential properties. Part of this service would include a walk thru damage assessment to better understand the severity of the damage, followed by a professional proposal outlining our quote as well as an onsite demo if required. Depending on the scope of the project as well as the human resources available, we would allocate teams to complete the project as recommended or requested.


Q: Are you able to repair damaged glass in occupied dwellings?

Yes, GlassFix Canada will go through great lengths to ensure the contents in and around the working area are covered and protected from any potential damage or debris during our process. We will make all efforts to contain debris using ZipWalls, negative air systems, as well as ventilation. We understand that one of the benefits of our service is that fact it can be preformed onsite, which is why one of our promises is that your home will be left in the same condition we found it in, with the exception of exceptionally clear glass.


Q: The damage to my glass is not in an isolated area, are you still able to restore the clarity in my window?

Yes. One of the biggest differences between GlassFix Canada and the competition is our ability to resurface entire panes without any discernable distortion. Other glass restoration companies focus on removing isolated scratches but often refrain from attempting to resurface entire panes due to the inability to do so effectively.


Q: Can I recover the cost of your service through my insurance company?

Yes. In many circumstances, especially among high rise buildings or condominiums, the extent of the damage can be quite severe. Depending on the cause of the damage as well as the policy you’re covered under, the cost of our service can be entered as a claim with your insurance provider. Contact GlassFix Canada for more information about insurance claims.


Q: Do you fix cracked or broken glass?

No. GlassFix Canada specializes in the restoration of scratched glass. The scope of our service does not include fixing cracked glass or replaced broken glass, however, should we come across broken or cracked glass while working on a project, we’re happy to recommend industry professionals that specialize in that service.


Q: I have scratched glass but it’s not a window. Can you still help?

In most cases yes. Contact GlassFix Canada and explain where the damage is located. Our service is most often applied to glass windows and doors but it can also be applied to shower enclosures, glass tables, glass railings, escalators, elevators, etc. We’d be happy to have one of our technicians help assess the damage, regardless of its location.


Q: I’d like to use your service but I’m only home on weekends. Can you still help?

Absolutely. With advanced warning to allocate the required resources, GlassFix Canada can operate around your schedule. Contact us today to book your appointment.