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    Scratch Removal

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    Glass scratch damage can be categorized into 3 different types of damages: Light Surface Scratch, Surface Damage, and Deep Scratch. These categories can be defined as follows:

    • Light Surface Damage → If you can run your fingernail across the damage without being able to feel the damage it would be considered light surface damage. This is generally caused by poor maintenance and is almost always incidental.
    • Surface Damage → This type of damage can be felt with your fingernail; however it will not stop your nail from passing over the scratch. This is commonly caused by window scrapers, high abrasives, or poor installation.
    • Deep Scratches → These scratches are usually caused by vandals with some kind of etching tool or rocks. When running your fingernail across the damaged glass, the scratch will catch or stop your finger.

    There are other services available that can restore what is considered light surface damage, but only GlassFix Canada’s proprietary techniques can restore all 3 categories of damage back to original clarity, without any discernible distortion. The equipment, materials, and techniques we’ve developed, have given GlassFix Canada the ability to provide the clarity and consistency you’re looking for.

    Glass Resurfacing

    GlassFix Canada

    In a perfect glass restoration world, damage would be isolated. However, that is rarely the case. GlassFix Canada developed this technique to address the true realities of damaged glass.


    Glass resurfacing refers to a technique that targets damages found throughout an entire pane of glass. Most glass restoration companies will apply the same technique to a pane of glass with this kind of damage as they would to a pane with isolated scratches. This is the wrong approach, often resulting in missed scratches or distorted glass.


    Our unique approach ensures that scratches aren’t missed, regardless of the category. We take the time to do it right and avoid operating under the mentality that “they won’t care about that one”. We resurface the entire pane using specific movements and patterns that will avoid distortion that is almost guaranteed with other scratch removal companies.

    Stain Removal

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    We’ve all seen that unsightly stain in the corner of a store front window or the discoloured line running down the side of a glass building and wondered “why don’t they clean that up?” Well, it’s not that easy.


    Glass that is subjected to consistent or frequent contact with “hard water”, water full with minerals such as calcium or magnesium, or other compounds, will eventually stain. That stain actually penetrates the glass over time by etching the surface of the glass at which point it can no longer be cleaned or repaired with traditional methods.


    GlassFix Canada has developed techniques and materials to restore this glass without any evidence of existing damage or stains. Return to the days of looking through your glass, not at your glass.

    Acid Etch Graffiti Removal

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    Many major cities are struggling to keep up with new destructive tactics used by graffiti vandals to ensure their messages are not easily removed. Acid Etching uses acid to penetrate the glass which leaves the graffiti both on the surface but also buried within the glass. Bus shelters are no longer serving their traditional purpose and are now just glass canvases for vandals to exploit.


    GlassFix Canada has put together mobile teams to tackle this growing concern. Whether it’s a store front window, transit shelter, or public transportation, we can fix it. However it doesn’t stop there. Inquire about our anti-graffiti film.


    This patented film is installed after the scratch removal process to prevent the damage from recurring. Recommend for use in high traffic areas, this film simply peels away scratches should the damage happen again. Reactive and proactive, our experienced technicians have seen it all.